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Mayors' Partnership

          2023 Annual Review: PDF

          2023 MPP Priorities: PDF

          Legislative Contacts (March 2023): PDF

          2022 Annual Review: LINK

         Bylaws: PDF



          2021 MPP Priorities: PDF

          2020 Annual Review: PDF

2020 MPP Positions: PDF

2018 Final Report: PDF

2017 Demographic Survey of MPP: PDF


Audit Presentations

          Audit Presentation: PDF

Audit Findings: PDF

Buckeye Hills Broadband Issues and Solutions: PDF

Resources and Local Ordinances

          State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund Resource Hub: WEBSITE

          Clandestine Drug Lab Ordinance (Chillicothe): PDF

EPA Meth Guidelines: PDF

Meth Chemical Exposure Information: PDF

Electric Aggregation Resolution (Amesville): PDF

SOPEC Aggregation Guide: PDF

Human Services 101: PDF

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