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MPP members advocate for enhancing municipality-owned infrastructure within our communities. This includes prioritizing improvements and expansions in water and sewer systems, streets, sidewalks, and other public services. Our goal is to better serve the needs of residents and consumers.

Community Revitalization & Housing

MPP members are dedicated to promoting community revitalization and housing development. Our focus is on redeveloping, rehabilitating, or repurposing aging buildings and housing. This initiative aims to preserve, expand, or attract individuals, families, businesses, and tourism in our communities.

Public Safety

MPP members are committed to prioritizing public safety. This involves ongoing efforts to recruit, train, and retain first responder employees and volunteers. Our aim is to ensure the safety of our citizens through a dedicated and well-equipped public safety workforce.

Additionally, MPP members support the ongoing mission of MPP, including a sustained commitment to:
  • Facilitate Funding Opportunities
    Facilitate the identification and dissemination of funding opportunities, securing resources to aid member municipalities. This includes enhancing their capacity to attract and manage additional local, state, and federal funding programs for the betterment of our communities.

  • Preserve Home Rule and Alleviate Financial Strain
    Safeguard Home Rule and alleviate the financial burdens imposed by state requirements. This involves providing funding, training, and establishing a platform for local leaders to engage with political stakeholders, ensuring a more streamlined and cooperative approach.

  • Provide a Non-Partisan Collaboration
    Provide a non-partisan platform for the exchange of information, concerns, and resources. We address common issues collaboratively throughout the region, fostering a unified and cooperative response.

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